Is a Ductless System Right For Me?

Ductless Air Conditioner

It’s August in Atlanta and summer is still in full swing! Are you finding that your air conditioning system is just not running as efficiently as it could because of leaky ducts? Are you tired of having your ductwork maintenance, repaired and replaced? Have you added onto your home or office and you’re not quite sure how to add air conditioning to your new space? Then it’s time for you to get a ductless system from Georgia Climate Control. Ductless systems have many benefits and consists of an indoor wall unit and an outdoor compressor. Right now for the month of August, we have a special on the Carrier Infinity System. Take a look below and see all the benefits of a ductless system in your home or office.

Benefits of a Ductless System

A Ductless system has many benefits that include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Ductless systems follow Energy Star guidelines, which not only saves you money but reduces your carbon output.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because Ductless systems follow Energy Star guidelines and bypass a duct system to deliver accurate temperatures to specific zones there is little energy wasted.
  • Customizable: Ductless systems can be placed anywhere you have a desire to have air conditioning.
  • Easy Installation: Ductless systems can take up to a day to install, whereas a traditional system can take weeks.
  • Improved Air Quality: Ductless systems have no ducts therefore they don’t hold pollen, dust, bacteria and other particulates in the air.
  • Cost Savings: Ductless system operates on less power and controlled room by room and delivered directly into each room. This means no loss of efficiency ultimately saving you money.

Georgia Climate Control Ductless System

At Georgia Climate Control we take pride in providing the best customer service in the Metro Atlanta area. Our installers are trained to provide superior service with the best industry know-how. We will help you select the right size and model of the ductless system to fit your home or office’s needs. Being a Carrier partner we provide the best products to our customers and know they will deliver satisfaction for years to come.

As you are trying to escape the Atlanta heat this August call Georgia Climate Control and schedule your ductless system installation today!