Pre Season System Replacement Benefits

Air conditioners at house

Is your heating system 10+ years old? Are you constantly having to repair your air conditioner and heating system? Are you experiencing excessive dust or humidity in your home? Have you noticed a drastic increase in your monthly energy bills? If you have answered yes, to any of these questions; then you are in need of a system replacement from Georgia Climate Control. During the month of October is the best time to get your heating and air conditioner system replaced because it’s easier to get it done before the cold and unpredictable Georgia winter weather is here. We are your Carrier partner and have a great deal going on for the entire month of October on the Carrier New Infinity System. At Georgia Climate Control, we are your Metro Atlanta air conditioner and heating system company and your go-to for all things heating and cooling.

Benefits of Pre-Season Heating Replacement

There are many benefits to having your air conditioning and heating system replaced this fall. These benefits include:

  • Lower utility bills: As motors and compressors start to fail, they begin to require more electricity to make them work. This means higher utility bills. Therefore replacing your old system with a new and up-to-date heating system will lower your monthly utility bills.
  • Improve efficiency: As systems start to fail, they begin to lose heating and cooling capacity. This means that your comfort system is not able to keep up with your demand leaving some rooms too cool or too hot. This also means that your system is not able to create good air quality leaving humidity in your home. Because too much humidity can cause mold and mildew it will wreak havoc on your home and health. Therefore replacing your heating system with a new improved efficient system will guarantee comfort and safety.
  • Improved safety capacity: As systems begin to age and have frequent breakdowns compressors and motors age work harder, using more energy and overheat. This overheating and excess energy use can cause electrical components to overload and short out. Replacing your heating system with a new system will help you avoid the inconvenience of system failures during the cold winters.
  • Reliability: Your heating system is an expensive purchase that you depend on for your home and office to provide comfort and safety. Replacing your air conditioner and heating system with a new one means you are guaranteeing yourself reliability, comfort, and safety for years to come.

Georgia Climate Control Pre-Season Heating Replacement

At Georgia Climate Control, we offer the highest quality system replacement in the industry. Our factory authorized and trained installers specialize in helping you select the right system for your home or business and your budget. We never recommend replacement equipment unless it’s needed and always offer our 100% customer factory guarantee. At Georgia Climate Control we also take pride in combining superior service with quality Carrier products. Our team has been serving the Metro Atlanta area for over a decade. We offer a free estimate and a no credit check hassle-free financing option. So, if you have a system that is 10+ years old or are experiencing frequent breakdowns, or excessive humidity it is imperative to have your system replaced to save you money which will provide safety for your family, and keep them healthy for years to come.

Give us a call today and have Georgia Climate Control replace your heating and air conditioner system.